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The Lightworker Pendulum consists of 3 rounded areas representing Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

Generating a Yellow Frequency, this Pendulum works well with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the battery to our energy field and is where Chi (Life Force) mixes with Spiritual Energy.

This Pendulum really works well for many applications, from working on our own energy to working on another's.  To House Clearings, Chakra Balancing, Manefistation, Breath Work and Blessings, the Lightworker is a versatile pendulum that is ideal for the beginner and the energy practitioner looking to add a new angle to their work.


*Please let me know which type of wood you would like and if you prefer gold, silver, or plain for your string.


1. Red Oak- Since the earliest ties between humans and oaks, a very strong symbolic image of oaks has developed in which these trees have become associated with longevity, strength, stability, endurance, fertility, power, justice, and honesty.The Red Oak is often associated with absolute love. It is probably because of its vivid colour, its leaves that turn red in the autumn and its ever-shining appearance.



2. Mahogany- Mahogany symbolizes strength and is known as a wood of protection—the legend is that it can even withstand lightning strikes. Spiritual growth and guidance are Mahogany's primary properties. It is an excellent wood for emotional and spiritual healing.


3. Mulberry- The usage of this tree has made it popular, and that is why it has got so many legends attached to it. It has been the symbol of faith, wisdom, abundance, growth and death in many cultures. The Mulberry tree does not bud until all signs of frost are gone, and everything is dry. It is a patient tree; therefore, it signifies patience.


4. African Padauk- Lustrous orange-red wood, symbolizes power and strength, drawing from the element of fire, and is used for vitality and control yet with a constantly shifting, energy.Padauk wood favors those who are assertive, strong-willed, stubborn, duel-natured and with powerful magical skills. African Padauk makes a powerful Pendulum , where it energies are constantly changing and fluctuating, it gives an extra boost to all Pendulum skills and magical abilities, especially in Healing.


5. Teak- Teak is said have the mystical properties of the Khodam spirit which resides in the sacred tree. Teak wood emits auspicious energies and blessings. Teak wood is considered holy wood. It is said to have healing properties.Teak reminds us to be aware of the consequences of our actions as well as the actions of others.


8. Wenge Wood- Favors those who are relaxed, level-headed, down to earth, witty, at peace and logical. Wenge wood possesses a very relaxed energy, encouraging slow, even thought. Being a Pendulum that is perfect for meditation, it is among the best when used in Divination, Charms and Dream Magic.


The Lightworker Pendulum

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