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Pendulum Apometrics brings to light the less understood phenomena known as sub-personalities, multiple personalities, and disassociated consciousness. It explores the possibilities to bring balance to the conflicts of the past, to treat the wounds of eternity, and to bring about wholeness to the body, mind and spirit. It offers an exciting new perspective in the world of spirit release therapy, utilizing a pendulum and the colors of light.


It is an honor to share with you all the inner workings of my favorite area of study and practice. Spirit Release Therapy has been my main focus for about the past decade. In an average week, I spend around 14-16 hours studying, practicing, researching the different methods and situations that arise around hauntings and “possession”. My methods are not conventional by any means. Most of my practice comes from connecting with others at a distance over various social media platforms.

Through the hundreds (if not thousands) of cases I’ve been a part of, I was able to gain a better perspective in administering healing and liberation of the disincarnated spirits.

Going through the many cases over the years, I would run into something that no matter what I tried to do to remove these spirits from a home or from a person's energy field, something always blocked the healing from taking place. These were the type of energies they could hear in their own head. Some would claim that they can feel them in their body, of which fed my curiosity even more.

When asking others in this field of work I would usually get the same response from them. “You can't help them all” or that “This is the person's karma”. I will say the one that resonated with me was “You cannot interfere with the free will of the spirit”. 

I respected their opinion but part of me always believed there is something more going on here and maybe everyone around me doesn't understand it much either. So I pursued further investigation on the topic and wouldn't take “impossible” for an answer.


Possession is a very taboo topic, even at most tables today. Even though it is an older term, it also comes with an older explanation: “an evil spirit that has taken control over the body of this person”.  What if that spirit that took over the body didn’t come from an outside source? What if the reason why this person suffers in such a way is that this entity was a creation of their own fears and traumas over many lifetimes? Is that even a thing? 


To answer you in my belief and opinion, yes this phenomena is very real and not well understood by many in the world today. In the western world, if we tell people that we hear voices and things of that nature most would believe this person is crazy. Medication would be suggested by medical professionals that have no interest, belief, or knowledge of the workings of the human spirit and its consciousness. In some cases, these same people could get admitted to a psychiatric ward. More often than not, these anti-depression, anxiety, and sleep medications have adverse effects on the energy body's ability to fight off intrusive energies by producing holes in the human aura, usually over the crown and solar plexus chakras. When this same phenomena is viewed by indigenous cultures, the people experiencing this are chosen by the ancestors to be the mediums to connect them to the spirit world.  These were the seers, oracles, mystics, and shamans of the land.  They are connected to the earth, connected to spirit, and serve the good of all. They were highly respected and were often taken care of by the village, so they could focus on their connection to the “Gods” which in turn served the people's best interest.

No matter the cause I ask that you be brave and take these challenges head on.

You are well supported and will be guided divinely if you set your intention to learn and grow. When we can see clearly what the root cause to the afflictions of the mind are, we can then understand the formations of such issues. 


With a solid foundation in this work, we can start to learn how to undo and remove the layers that keep trauma bonded to the subconscious. If we know what we're looking for, we can see that all our problems with entities of various nature all have one thing in common: to teach us about ourselves.


There is always a connecting mindset, trauma, or belief which keeps them harnessed in your daily life. If we know why they are there, we can also learn how to make them leave. Much of this needs reinforcement in the decisions and mindsets we have, while doing any kind of spiritual work. To understand is to also unlearn the things we are socially conditioned to be true or possible. If you are reading this right now, that means you are possible. You are here not by accident, but rather to fulfill a purpose of the soul's journey.


I would like to think my approach is a bit unorthodox; but it is also more scientific, rather than intuitively guided. Although being guided by intuition is the fastest most accurate way for me to obtain information, a tangible process will help the beginner achieve mastery in a shorter amount of time. Trust the process and dedicate it all to the light. Serve the highest good of all concerned. If you align with this vibration, miracles will happen in your life.

What some people have to say about Nick: 

Nick has helped me through some of the darkest days of my life. He made me realize that I wasn't going insane, and also made me realize I don't have to live in fear. 

-Lorie C.

Nick helped me reconnect with my dad and gave a name to the man that lead me out of an abusive relationship. You healed so much physical pain that I was carrying around from trauma. That’s unbelievable, when I think about how much pain I had learned to live with. Nick put me on a path to heal.


-Kari M. 

Nick helped clear persons/negative energy from my house. I now have less lucid dreams and sleep walking incidents and overall sleep much better

-Jessie T.

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