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             Throughout the course of known history, many cultures around the world speak of shadows that move in the night. The voices and words only heard by the few and misunderstood by many. 

             The conflicts that can arise with human consciousness through the many lifetimes we experience can leave trauma imprinted on the soul’s memory. When these memories are provoked by a similar experience, we can resonate with aspects of our consciousness that need to be treated and understood fully to bring balance back to our body and mind. When the pages from the remote past are opened, we may find that family, friends, victims, and foes from previous lifetimes are now in our life once again. This is often for a chance to make amends for their wrongdoings, to seek revenge, or out of love, they find us usually lost and in desperate need to have their pain taken away.  Ultimately, they believe you can help them.

The traumas sustained during life can cause consciousness to disassociate and linger in our energy field. It is polarized with the intense emotions that caused the separation in the first place. This energy can give rise to the formation of Sub-Personalities and self-sabotaging behavior. With there being a vacant spot in the consciousness block of the person, this provides the right atmosphere for a dark energy to attach. These types of energies give rise to Multiple Personalities, Associated Personalities, and Dissociative Identity Disorders. All of which can produce an entity that becomes very hard to get rid of despite numerous attempts with many methods.

              We will explore the possibilities to bring balance to the conflicts of the past, to treat the wounds of eternity, and to bring about wholeness to the body, mind and spirit. I offer you an exciting new perspective in the world of spirit release therapy. Utilizing a pendulum and the colors of light, we can help bring an end to the autonomous existence of our fragmented consciousness. Also, we can treat the disincarnated that have fallen into the shadow for hundreds or thousands of years and reunite them with their loved ones. We do this work out of love and charity. The highest ethics possible should be exercised while learning the concepts inside. 

              I would like to present to you book number two in my quest for a deeper understanding to spirit attachment and how it can all be undone. To the many I've met along the way that have helped me expand my understanding by allowing me to ask a lot of questions, thank you so much. It is with your help that this book was developed. You have my deepest gratitude and appreciation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Nick Salzman

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