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Throughout the ages there have been many accounts of the mysterious shape shifting beings that we share this reality with. To some, these atre known as the Jinn. Others may know them as Demons, or elemental spirits. Although there are many interpertations, all seem to try and describe who and what these beings are. I would like to take the reader on a journey that has become the pinnacle of my facination with the paranormal. Inside this book, you will learn how to heal and cross over these powerful beings with ease. Through my own direct experience comes a method that brings forth healing to the Jinn while increasing your spiritual awareness and cappabilities. I would highly reccomend the reader pick up a Moor or Anubis pendulum as they are well suited for the techniques described in this book. 

It is time to see these misunderstood beings in a different light, and to help us remove the fear that is associated with them. Only then can we bring forth our true power by offering the gift of Christ Consciousness to all that are lost.

The Jinn Book

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