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In the not to distant past there once was a thriving worldwide civilization that was cappable of amazing things. They lived in harmony with the Earth, they learned how to harness the energy of the atmosphere known as the Aether.

Through specific geometric shapes, proportions, and patterns, they would make their buildings cappable of harnessing free energy with spires on top of the building that contained liquid mercury.

From there the energy could be used to power their homes, transportation, and even be able to heal with this energy if directed accordingly.

Why was this technology was supressed and what happened to this civilization of advanced people?

How come we are not taught about this history?

There are many theories out there and if this subject interists you , look up topics like Mud flood,  Tartaria, Antiquitech, and buildings from the World Fair in the late 1800's early 1900's.


This Pendulum is inspired by their shapes and technology and the ability to use frequency or vibration to heal and mend trauma.

The shape of the Aether Pendulum is a Orange color frequency and can be described as the "perfect harmonic of love" Meaning if the intension is clear and comes from the love of the holder this Pendulum will help tune into that frequency and give us the ability to send it to ourself and others.

For those that work in the subconscious, this pendulum has an amazing ability to bring whats hidden to the surface, so that the healing can begin. Because of the Orange color spectrum, it is also ideal for energetically supporting pregnancy in people and animals.

Using this pendulum with a combinded breathwork like the Ha technique will give you the most out of this design. This is one of my larger designs at 6' long but is lightweight in hand and highly responsive. You may like this Pendulum if you are into Dowsing with Codes, Map Dowsing, Bio-Field Energy Work, Rife Frequency Healing, Sound Healing, or any other Vibrationally based healing modality.


1: Kail Wood-(Out of stock) (Juniper)-In ancient times people used Juniper for the ritual purification of temples. The ancients believed the smoke aided clairvoyance. It was burned for purification and to stimulate contact with the Otherworld at the Samhain festival at the start of the Celtic year. It is said that Juniper can also be used as a protective charm against troublesome spirits as well as thieves. The tree itself can be grown near the door or along the path to the house, branches spread out on the ground around the entrance or boughs hung above entrances.


2: Mahogany Wood symbolizes strength and is known as a wood of protection—the legend is that it can even withstand lightning strikes. Spiritual growth and guidance are Mahogany's primary properties. It is an excellent wood for emotional and spiritual healing.


3: Mulberry- Many cultures of the world greatly appreciate the Mulberry tree symbolism. Its significance is of great benefit to the people that find great meaning and symbolism in it. This tree thrives in Middle East, Europe and Asia. The usage of this tree has made it popular, and that is why it has got so many legends attached to it. It has been the symbol of faith, wisdom, abundance, growth and death in many cultures. The Mulberry tree does not bud until all signs of frost are gone, and everything is dry. It is a patient tree; therefore, it signifies patience.The Mulberry tree is a great tree with great benefits to the people and animals that come across it. The tree is highly acknowledged because of the qualities it has. Use the qualities of this tree to improve your life and ensure that you do all that you can to welcome success and abundance into your life.


4: African Padauk Wood- Lustrous orange-red wood, symbolizes power and strength, drawing from the element of fire, and is used for vitality and control yet with a constantly shifting, energy.Padauk wood favors those who are assertive, strong-willed, stubborn, duel-natured and with powerful magical skills. African Padauk makes a powerful Pendulum , where it energies are constantly changing and fluctuating, it gives an extra boost to all Pendulum skills and magical abilities, especially in Healing.


5: Rosewood-Rosewood has been used for a very long time in the treatment of ailments, both physical and spiritual.Associated with the heart chakra, rosewood is a compassionate and healing feminine energy; that doesn’t mean that it’s only for women.It just means it helps to accent the innate qualities of compassion and love within an individual. The feminine grace is enhanced when wearing rosewood, and intuitive health is also given a boost.


6: Teak- Teak is said have the mystical properties of the Khodam spirit which resides in the sacred tree. Teak wood emits auspicious energies and blessings. Teak wood is considered holy wood. It is said to have healing properties.Teak reminds us to be aware of the consequences of our actions as well as the actions of others. Betrayal, depletion and exploitation are difficult and destructive forces. Sadness, confusion and grief are emotions that force us to take stock of our live and of those we love. Expressing and releasing our emotions is necessary if we are to continue growing and trusting. This is a time of learning difficult but valuable life lessons regarding love and loss. Teak shows us how controlling others often leads to out of control behavior that is self-destructive. Teak reminds us of the importance of creating mutually beneficial relationships in our lives.

 7: Rainbow Wood is a composite that is made with multiple thin, dyed, layers of different wood that are laminated and pressed together under extreme pressure. This process creates a truely unique appearance when carved into a pendulum with a wood that is extremly durable. This wood is often used to make knife handles and kitchen utencils.


 8: Wenge Wood favors those who are relaxed, level-headed, down to earth, witty, at peace and logical. Wenge wood possesses a very relaxed energy, encouraging slow, even thought. Being a Pendulum that is perfect for meditation, it is among the best when used in Divination, Charms and Dream Magic.


 9: Lacewood is full of positive energy, is known to bring good luck and is excellent for divination. It draws heavily from the element of earth, and seeks a partner of strength and creativity as it posesses strong grounding abilities. Aids in protection and manifesting.


 10: Mulberry/ African Padauk combination


11: Wenge and White Wenge Combination- Favors those who are relaxed, level-headed, down to earth, witty, at peace and logical. Wenge wood possesses a very relaxed energy, encouraging slow, even thought. Being a Pendulum that is perfect for meditation, it is among the best when used in Divination, Charms and Dream Magic. 


12: Yellow Pine- The pine tree represents rebirth and immortality and strength in adversity, overcoming hardships through optimism and inner strength. The tree itself seems to correspond to the element Fire because of the resin and its quickness to burn as well as its protective and transformative nature, though its scent is quite Earthy.This evergreen tree is the symbol of immortality, so much so that its resin was used to purify, sterilize, and embalm things one wanted to preserve over time.

The Aether Pendulum

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