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The Teardrop is a classic shape used by many Dowsers around the world. It is highly responsive and very "playful" with the holder. The tapered tip makes it perfect for all chart dowsing and is very lightweight making it Ideal for longer sessions. Generating a Green Frequency, this pendulum has similar energy characteristics like the Phurba Pendulum but more gentle.

The Teardrop helps us align with our heart chakra giving us a more balanced heart-mind connection.  Allowing compassion to penetrate the hardened ego and to help open us up to more ways of fulfilment and happiness.


*Please let me know which wood you would like and if you prefer gold, silver, or plain string by leaving me a note at checkout.


1. African Padauk Wood- Lustrous orange-red wood, symbolizes power and strength, drawing from the element of fire, and is used for vitality and control yet with a constantly shifting, energy.Padauk wood favors those who are assertive, strong-willed, stubborn, duel-natured and with powerful magical skills. African Padauk makes a powerful Pendulum , where it energies are constantly changing and fluctuating, it gives an extra boost to all Pendulum skills and magical abilities, especially in Healing.


3.Bair Wood- The Ber tree is a much branched, thorny deciduous tree with a spreading crown, growing to a height of about 45 feet. It is a hardy species with its origin in India.Bair is one of those monumental trees that are unique to every historical Hindu temple. Ber fruits are offered to Lord Shiva, and in all Shiva temples, the fruit is given great importance, especially during Maha Shivaratri, the Hindu festival in honor of Lord Shiva.The Ber tree is also considered sacred by Sikhs. It is often grown around gurdwaras, as Guru Nanak is believed to have received enlightenment beneath a Ber tree.

Teardrop Pendulum

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