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The Isis Pendulum, named after the Egyptian Goddess, symbolizes the Cross of Life. Its form, whose energy is strengthened through four parallel plate-like discs called a "battery", together with the use of durable wood, it produces a very high dowsing sensitivity. Isis generates  energy at a frequency equivalent to the color white - the synthesis of all colors. The strong, constant energy makes it perfect for uses as a "carrying wave" which can be modulated and used in distance and in person Pendulum healing . It is very safe.

Isis is a mental pendulum and can be used as a transmitter or receiver, according to the mental command of the operator. This pendulum operates as a receiver when asking questions like "is this the right remedy for me?" and it also functions as a strong emitter of force when used as a healing pendulum. For example in color therapy, as white is its natural radiation, it can emit any color on mental command and can be used for practically any complaint. It doesn't need neutralization - it cleans itself.

Its wide range of applications includes testing food, herbs and medication; medical diagnosis and treatment; and investigating objects, pictures, places etc. It is a pendulum that should not be missing from any dowser's collection. It is widely used by beginners, but also highly rated by the advanced dowser.

Available with Gold or Silver adornments.


Length 3"

Width 1.5 "

Weight 28 Grams


*** Please indicate which type of wood you would like and if you would prefer gold, silver, or plain for your string by leaving me a note at checkout.***


1. Rosewood- Rosewood has been used for a very long time in the treatment of ailments, both physical and spiritual.Associated with the heart chakra, rosewood is a compassionate and healing feminine energy; that doesn’t mean that it’s only for women.It just means it helps to accent the innate qualities of compassion and love within an individual. The feminine grace is enhanced when wearing rosewood, and intuitive health is also given a boost.


2. Kickar Wood- has been considered sacred by many ancient Indian cultures, including the Jains, who believed that it was a symbol of the cycle of life and death. In Hindu mythology, the tree was associated with Lord Vishnu and was believed to have healing powers.


3. White Wenge- Favors those who are relaxed, level-headed, down to earth, witty, at peace and logical. Wenge wood possesses a very relaxed energy, encouraging slow, even thought. Being a Pendulum that is perfect for meditation, it is among the best when used in Divination, Charms and Dream Magic.


4. Rainbow Wood- is a composite that is made with multiple thin, dyed, layers of different wood that are laminated and pressed together under extreme pressure. This process creates a truely unique appearance when carved into a pendulum with a wood that is extremly durable. This wood is often used to make knife handles and kitchen utencils.


5. Lacewood- Is full of positive energy, is known to bring good luck and is excellent for divination. It draws heavily from the element of earth, and seeks a partner of strength and creativity as it posesses strong grounding abilities. Aids in protection and manifesting.


6. Red Oak- Since the earliest ties between humans and oaks, a very strong symbolic image of oaks has developed in which these trees have become associated with longevity, strength, stability, endurance, fertility, power, justice, and honesty.The Red Oak is often associated with absolute love. It is probably because of its vivid colour, its leaves that turn red in the autumn and its ever-shining appearance.


7. Walnut Wood- The planetary correspondence for the walnut tree is the sun, which makes its element fire. Pendulums from the tree have this fiery, masculine energy, believed to have magical associations with fertility and high energy.

Isis Pendulum

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