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The Term Paladin means "Someone who does good deeds" The Paladins were also essentially the knights of the round table but in France.


This Sphere design radiates what some would call, zero, void, black, or neutral energy and has strong connections to the mind and body since both are affected by emotions.

This Pendulum Pairs Perfectly with the practice of Ho 'Oponopono.

This is an ancient ritual of forgivness done by the Hawwaiian Hunas and its people to make amends with disputes in the village or between villages.

The four Key Phrases with Ho'Oponopono are represented on the string with specific stones to carry the intention of the user while assisting vibrationally to the phrases.

"I Love You" - 10mm Amethyst Bead

'I'm Sorry" - 10mm Kyanite Bead

"Please Forgive Me" - 10mm Orange Carnelian Bead

"Thank You"- 10mm Gold plated Hematite Bead


This Pendulum helps take our understanding of clearing shared soul traumas and emotions between people to profound deeper levels. It helps us mend relationships while allowing us to be more heart centered in our way of thinking. When we know what is in us that allows these people to be present in our life we can understand anothers pain and problems more clearly at a deeper level. We know them only because we know us.


The Paladin is about 3.5" in diameter and comes with a velvet pouch and protective box for safe storage. Help heal the world around you by working on whats inside, with the Paladin we can do just that.

Instructional video on how to use the Paladin on my Youtube Channel -Nick Salzman


Photo 1: Mahogany- Mahogany symbolizes strength and is known as a wood of protection—the legend is that it can even withstand lightning strikes. Spiritual growth and guidance are Mahogany's primary properties. It is an excellent wood for emotional and spiritual healing.


Photo 2:  African Padauk Wood- Lustrous orange-red wood, symbolizes power and strength, drawing from the element of fire, and is used for vitality and control yet with a constantly shifting, energy.Padauk wood favors those who are assertive, strong-willed, stubborn, duel-natured and with powerful magical skills. African Padauk makes a powerful Pendulum , where it energies are constantly changing and fluctuating, it gives an extra boost to all Pendulum skills and magical abilities, especially in Healing.


Photo 3: Rainbow Wood- Is a composite that is made with multiple thin, dyed, layers of wood that are laminated and pressed together under extreme pressure. This process creates a truely unique appearance when carved into a pendulum with a wood that is extremly durable. This wood is often used to make knife handles and kitchen utencils. Each piece is unique and finished off with a very high quality polish that will last for years to come.


Photo 4: Rosewood- has been used for a very long time in the treatment of ailments, both physical and spiritual.Associated with the heart chakra, rosewood is a compassionate and healing feminine energy; that doesn’t mean that it’s only for women.It just means it helps to accent the innate qualities of compassion and love within an individual. The feminine grace is enhanced when wearing rosewood, and intuitive health is also given a boost.


Photo 5: African Wenge Wood- Wenge Wood Favors those who are relaxed, level-headed, down to earth, witty, at peace and logical. Wenge wood possesses a very relaxed energy, encouraging slow, even thought. Being a Pendulum that is perfect for meditation, it is among the best when used in Divination, Charms and Dream Magic.

The Paladin Pendulum

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