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In the branch of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah, Daʻat or Da'ath is the location where all ten sefirot in the Tree of Life are united as one. In Daʻat, all sefirot exist in their perfected state of infinite sharing.  After the separation / fall of the Tree of Life, an Abyss cracks open in the Universe and the divine level is isolated from the worlds below. In the abyss we find Daath, a non-Sephira. Daath denotes 'knowledge' and can act as a bridge over the Abyss. Daath is associated with Saturn. Daath is called the Black Sun. Lucifer, rules Daath.Lucifer-Daath, the original serpent, represents the divine force of creation that is able to carry out God's idea of creation. Lucifer-Daath sinks down to man's level and awakens the power of creation and the sexual energy in man. Thus, man can reach knowledge which was previously only accessible to God and the angels. Daath is the fruit that Eve consumes in Eden. When clearing non human entities such as the Jinn, Daath is ultimatly the place we want to help them get to. To cross the Abyss and reach the higher planes of consciousness. This is a very complicated subject not easy to explain briefly and I hope it inspires you to learn more.


Please leave me a note at checkout with your wood choice and if you would like gold, silver, or a plain string for your pendulum.


Available in:


1. Rainbow Wood- Is a composite that is made with multiple thin, dyed, layers of different wood that are laminated and pressed together under extreme pressure. This process creates a truely unique appearance when carved into a pendulum with a wood that is extremly durable. This wood is often used to make knife handles and kitchen utencils. 

Composite Daath Pendulum

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