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 Customer will receive 10 Brass Moor Pendulums complete with strings, 

(No strings available upon request


The Moor Pendulum is inspired by the Moorish archietecture of the old world. These buildings were able to harness the energy of the atmosphere called Aether. Harnessing the Aether provided free energy to the people in and around this building. Generating a Blue Frequency, this Pendulum carries the cappability to be a powerful healing pendulum. The energy while spinning in hand is incredible.

 My first time using it gave me goosebumps on my whole body. It felt very similar to being in a tunnel with a breeze, the enegy from this pendulum is strong and powerful. If you are into healing yourself and others this pendulum is a must have.


Length: 3.1 "

Weight: 64 grams each



10 Brass Moor Pendulums

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