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*Customer will receive 10 Brass Prayer Pendulums with strings.

(No strings available upon request)


The Prayer pendulum is a white light pendulum is ideal for sending blessings to a person or their home or office. When we set our intentions to help or heal and speak it aloud this creates a stronger prayer. When we use this pendulum it helps focus that prayer and intensifies it over photos or memories. In addition, for those who are into conscious breathing techniques such as the Ha or Pranic breathing will find not only does this design amplify the clearing capabilities of the breath but also clear and harmonize our own energy field working with this pendulum.This Pendulum is perfect for the beginner and excellent for balancing chakras and is a must have as a follow up for all healings and clearings. This design includes a small witness chamber to allow the user to increase their intensions in the area of work desired.


Length 4"

Weight 141 grams each

10 Brass Prayer Pendulums

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