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*Customer will receive 10 Brass Aether pendulums with strings.

(No strings available upon request)


In the not too distant past there once was a thriving worldwide civilization that was cappable of amazing things. They lived in harmony with the Earth, they learned how to harness the energy of the atmosphere known as the Aether.

Through specific geometric shapes, proportions, and patterns, they would make their buildings cappable of harnessing free energy with spires on top of the building that was able to gather atmospheric energy. The higher up it was the more Aether that could be gathered.

From there the energy could be used to power their homes, transportation, and even be able to heal with this energy if directed accordingly.

Why was this technology was supressed and what happened to this civilization of advanced people? How come we are not taught about this history?

There are many theories out there and if this subject interists you , look up topics like Mud flood,  Tartaria, Antiquitech, and buildings from the World Fair in the late 1800's early 1900's.


This Pendulum is inspired by their shapes and technology and the ability to use frequency or vibration to heal and mend trauma.

The shape of the Aether Pendulum is a Orange color frequency and can be described as the "perfect harmonic of love" Meaning if the intension is clear and comes from the love of the holder this Pendulum will help tune into that frequency and give us the ability to send it to ourself and others.

For those that work in the subconscious, this pendulum has an amazing ability to bring whats hidden to the surface, so that the healing can begin. Because of the Orange color spectrum, it is also ideal for energetically supporting pregnancy in people and animals.

Using this pendulum with a combinded breathwork like the Ha technique will give you the most out of this design.

This is one of my larger brass pendulums at 4' long and about 8oz in hand for those who like a heavier pendulum.

You may like this Pendulum if you are into Dowsing with Codes, Map Dowsing, Bio-Field Energy Work, Rife Frequency Healing, Sound Healing, or any other Vibrationally based healing modalities like Rife Frequencys.  Fot those serious about healing with a pendulum, this is a powerhouse with a large witness chamber inside the pendulum to help amplify with your intensions. 


Length: 4 inches

Width : 1.5 inches

Weight: 226 grams



10 Brass Aether Pendulums

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