The planetary correspondence for the walnut tree is the sun, which makes its element fire. Pendulums from the tree have this fiery, masculine energy, believed to have magical associations with fertility and high energy.  The tree was also sacred to Astarte, the Semitic goddess of war, sexuality and fertility. The Greeks later came to associate her with Aphrodite who is most commonly known as a goddess of love and beauty.

It once was called the tree of evil since witches in Italy are said to have danced under walnut trees during their rituals. Modern Pagans and witches may not carry on this specific tradition, but its use in magic is still prevalent. Specifically, carrying the nut in the shell is believed to promote fertility of mind and body.
The walnut tree is also helpful in making a transition from one state of affairs to another including major changes in life circumstances. It has the ability to break the link of past unwanted associations. Meditation on the energy of the walnut tree helps to bring clarity and strength to make the needed change.


The Lightworker Pendulum consists of 3 rounded areas representing Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

Generating a Yellow Frequency, this Pendulum works well with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the battery to our energy field and is where Chi (Life Force) mixes with Spiritual Energy.

This Pendulum really works well for many applications, from working on our own energy to working on another's.  To House Clearings, Chakra Balancing, Manefistation, Breath Work and Blessings, the Walnut Wood Lightworker may easily be your new favorite Pendulum in your collection and is slightly lighter in hand.

Walnut Wood Lightworker Pendulum