RainbowWood is a composite that is made with multiple thin, dyed, layers of wood that are laminated and pressed together under extreme pressure. This process creates a truely unique appearance when carved into a pendulum with a wood that is extremly durable. This wood is often used to make knife handles and kitchen utencils. Each piece is unique and finished off with a very high quality polish that will last for years to come.


The Lightworker Pendulum consists of 3 rounded areas representing Mind, Body, and Spirit. 

Generating a Yellow Frequency, this Pendulum works well with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the battery to our energy field and is where Chi (Life Force) mixes with Spiritual Energy.

This Pendulum really works well for many applications, from working on our own energy to working on another's.  To House Clearings, Chakra Balancing, Manefistation, Breath Work and Blessings, the Lightworker may easily be your new favorite Pendulum in your collection.

Rainbow Wood Lightworker Pendulum