The Prayer pendulum is the latest edition in my line of custom pendulums. This white light pendulum is ideal for sending blessings to a person or their home or office.

The unique aspect of this pendulum is how it can hold a vibrational resonance if tapped gently.

When we set our intentions to help or heal and speak it aloud this creates a stronger prayer.

When we use this pendulum it helps focus that prayer and intensifies it over photos or memories.

In addition, for those who are into conscious breathing techniques such as the Ha or Pranic breathing will find not only does this design amplify the clearing capabilities of the breath but also clear and harmonize our own energy field working with this pendulum.


This pendulum is made of Aluminum which has a projective energy that will shield your own energy. It is in a sense, an invisibility cloak that deflects energy being sent your way. In jewelry, it will always protect the wearer. The planet associated with Aluminum is Mercury and its Element is Air. Aluminum also enhances mental abilities such as intellect and telepathy. It protects during astral travel and is your best friend when working with visualization during meditation. All rocks and gemstones contain aluminocilicate minerals and so does the human body.


Available in Gold plated and Polished Aluminum complete with a 12mm gold/ silver plated Hematite bead for comfort and its qualities that protects and detoxifies the owner.

A flower of life charm with the seven chakra stones ties off the .6mm waxed cotton cord for a great look that really shines.

Make one part of your collection with this very limited edition!

Prayer Pendulum Gold

  • Polished Aluminum will tarnish just like brass over time.  Refrain from storing in a very cold, wet, or damp area as it may oxidize the finish.

    A sunsine cloth would be great to keep them looking great.