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Have you always been interested in Paranormal Investigations? Sometimes there are places we can only dream about visiting and exploring to see what still lingers in the shadows? What if there was a safe way of investigating anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own chair? This booklet is simple, to the point, and is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn not only what energies are present in any building or place but also gives the reader the introduction with step by step protocols to help heal and cross over spirits from a distance. Have something in your house and you want to know what it is? This booklet will help you discover what is around us while teaching us how to be respectful, compassionate, and most of all to be in service along side the Angels of this realm. To learn more about my technique and understanding be sure you check out my youtube channel NickSalzman5850.


This is a very fulfilling practice, one that helps so many people and helps us dissolve the mystery of who is around us.  

Paranormal Investigation with a Pendulum

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