Many cultures of the world greatly appreciate the Mulberry tree symbolism. Its significance is of great benefit to the people that find great meaning and symbolism in it. This tree thrives in Middle East, Europe and Asia.

 The usage of this tree has made it popular, and that is why it has got so many legends attached to it. It has been the symbol of faith, wisdom, abundance, growth and death in many cultures. The Mulberry tree does not bud until all signs of frost are gone, and everything is dry. It is a patient tree; therefore, it signifies patience.

The Mulberry tree is a great tree with great benefits to the people and animals that come across it. The tree is highly acknowledged because of the qualities it has. Use the qualities of this tree to improve your life and ensure that you do all that you can to welcome success and abundance into your life.


These Akh Pendulums have a beautiful Silver sheen with the wood haveing gold and brown hughes.

This pendulum is very versatile for all dowsing applications, but has a strong energy especially when used to revitalize the human spirit and energy field.

Mulberry Akh Pendulum