In ancient times people used Juniper for the ritual purification of temples. The ancients believed the smoke aided clairvoyance. It was burned for purification and to stimulate contact with the Otherworld at the Samhain festival at the start of the Celtic year. 

It is said that Juniper can also be used as a protective charm against troublesome spirits as well as thieves. The tree itself can be grown near the door or along the path to the house, branches spread out on the ground around the entrance or boughs hung above entrances.


Anubis, easily recognizable as an anthropomorphized jackal or dog, was the Egyptian god of the afterlife and mummification. He helped judge souls after their death and guided lost souls into the afterlife.

This Pendulum generates Blue Energy and is ideal for revitalizing the human spirit. This blue energy can also be applied to help balance our throat chakra.

Emotions of worry and grief often cause an imbalance in this area. This Pendulum has two large rings toward the bottom which gives it a unique characteristic to be a therapeutic Pendulum for the holder while working on another. Basically if you use the Pendulum for sending healing energy, it will also begin to balance your energy field.

Adorned with 14mm Lapis Beads which The Sumerians believed that the spirit of their gods lived within the stone, while the ancient Egyptians saw it as a symbol of the night sky. Since the earliest of times, lapis lazuli has been associated with strength and courage, royalty and wisdom, intellect and truth. 

This Pendulum is truely one of a kind and the energy feels like it emitts a pillar from the hand, really packing an energetic punch when used for clearing.  


Weight :78 grams

Length: 5 Inches

Width: 2 inches at widest point

Kail (Juniper) Wood Anubis Pendulum